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"I wouldn't really call what I do a 'job' because it's too much fun! Being creative all the time, each project a new challenge, requiring new ideas, and always striving to get better at it - that's not a job, it's a lifestyle."

Studio Owner,
Les Konley
Member, Colorado Film and Video Association

Colorado Film and Video Association
 Original Music Composition
Original music composition is our primary business, and fresh creativity is our highest goal. Music is essential to any project, but it must be music that fits. Spending time searching through hundreds or even thousands of music library samples is time consuming. More often than not, it is more economical to have custom music, and custom music reaches your target audience with a greater impact.

Armed with an arsenal of sound generating tools, we can create almost any type of custom music to fit your brief, whether it closely resembles another artist or style, or something completely fresh and new, moving or inspiring.

Be sure to browse our Demos page for a large sample of the original music we have created in the past. What we can create is not limited to any one style, and there are samples of pop, electronic, acoustic, instrumental, experimental, and dance, as well as many others for you to listen to and get a sense of our style.

When working with you in creating custom music for your television, film or business video project, we can accept VHS tapes with SMPTE synchronization on one track, or we can work directly with digital video files, and just as easily with specific timings.

When you choose to have custom music created for your new project, we hope you will choose Imperfection Studios.

 Non-Linear Digital Video Editing
Our studio is equipped with modern digital capture and editing facilities, so we do have the capability to augment the services of other large video production projects, or we can take on full production of small video production projects.

Using a Time Base Corrector along with the Pinnacle Pro-ONE capture devices, we can transfer VHS, HI-8, mini DV or DVD to other formats. We use Adobe Premiere for video editing, titling, special effects, chroma key, etc., and Pinnacle Impression for DVD Authoring.

Digital video editing sometimes goes hand-in-hand with the creation of custom music, and our studio is set up with SMPTE transport synchronization (LTC) and MIDI Time Code for that purpose.

If you need help with digital video editing on a small project, or as a part of a larger project, keep us in mind as an economical alternative to help keep your project within the budget and on time.

 DVD Authoring & CD Mastering
Imperfection Studios has the facilities to create professional DVD and CD masters onsite. Using an assortment of software tools, we can create animated index menus, chapter marks, looping DVDs, etc. We can actually take your project through post-production, including dub mix, M&E mix, as well as final cut. If you prefer, we can also print your final cut to VHS.

We also have the capability to mixdown and master your digital tracks, then create CDs which conform to Red Book specifications. If you have already recorded your tracks in another studio, we can engineer the final mix and put the polish on for you with our 100% digital facility.

If you need a production business DVD, or want to have a demo CD created for your band, or would even like to have old VHS tapes transferred to DVD, Imperfection Studios can work with you to get the job done right.

 Studio Session Recording
We have a full digital recording facility with a 192KHz/24bit audio interface. As determined by the requirements of a project, the capability exists to do voiceovers and live instrument recording. Though our facilities are modest, we can accommodate singing duet guitar players, or any single acoustic instrument, as well as electric guitar and bass.

If you need a place to lay down a track or two, or if your project requires us to bring in live musicians and their instruments, we'll be able to capture the performances in exacting detail. Though our microphone closet is still growing, we use the trustworthy Shure SM57 and SM58, as well as the Rhode NT2A.

As noted in our Portfolio page, we recently recorded two live guitarists playing old folk tunes and blues grass, and we mixed and mastered a demo CD for the musicians to take home with them. Our current project involves producing an aspiring singer/song writer in the creation of his concept rock album. We can do the same for you at reasonable rates, or produce top-quality overdubs to meet our client's media needs.

 Sound Design
We have downloaded some of the 'sound effects' from other websites that are out there, and have almost always been disappointed in the quality of the recordings. We believe that if you are going to do it at all, you should do it right in the first place. Therefore, our sounds are always produced at 16-bit 44Khz and use stereo when imaging is important. You won't hear any cheap, low quality sounds that have hiss in them from us!

Our studio literally has dozens of sound generating units from which we can program almost any sound imaginable, especially when processed in various ways through our vocoders, digital reverb units, and a multitude of other effects processors. We can create sound effects for business visuals and multimedia presentations, as well as for video games.

If your sound design requirements need real world recordings, we have portable digital recording equipment and stereo field microphones to record the sound you want, anywhere it may be.

Sound design is in increasing demand, and we have the capability to create sounds in the same manner as the team who works for George Lucas on his Star Wars® and Jurassic Park movies. Though we always start with a specific idea in mind, the achievement of the end result is as much experimentation as intuition, and is definitely an art form.

Check out the wide variety of designed sounds and sound effects on our Demos page, and then call on Imperfection Studios for all your sound design needs.

 Website/Internet Application Development
In addition to being an composer, animator, videographer and all the rest, Les Konley is also a database developer and website programmer; in fact, he built this website. He has his certification in Advanced Cold Fusion web application development, has been building websites since 1996, and integrated internet database applications since 1999.

If you have the need for a sophisticated, high-end website for your company, or one of your clients needs to have a site built by someone who also understands the music and video industry, then take a look at Les Konley's online website portfolio at and consider using the talent at Imperfection Studios for yours or your client's next website project.

 Full Production Services
Our studio is packed full of bleeding-edge technology and is, in fact, a full production audio and video studio. To meet your every need, we offer digital video filming and production, computer animation, website and multimedia design... in addition to all the services listed above.

We have all the tools and skills available to take your ideas from concept to production in a complete solution package. We can film your corporate training video, add animations, narration and custom music, produce a finished DVD, and create streaming multimedia files for your website from video clips off the DVD.

We use the Canon GL2 digital video camera to capture stunning near-broadcast quality video, and the Carrara Studio 3 for computer graphics and animations.

Inquire about our full-production packages and consider Imperfection Studios the next time you need to create a training video, a video to use for your corporate sales brochure, or streaming media for your website, or have any project which requires original music composition.

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